Analytical measuring machine for smaller workpieces


  • Innovative quick change clamping system for reduction of non-productive times
  • Smart tailstock for optimal loading and to expand the work area
  • Compact design and quick measuring procedure
  • Air spring system to absorb vibrations
  • Operation in Closed Loop with processing machines possible
workpiece diameter
measurable workpiece length
internal / external [mm] 

counter support
L / D

workpiece weight
300450480 / 30080

Machine concept

The KNM 2X analytical measuring machine is designed for high-precision measurements of smaller size gears, gear tools and rotationally symmetric workpieces up to a diameter of 300 mm.

All guides and base plates made of granite are extremely stable in the long-term and have identically low expansion coefficients. Air bearings with emergency operation properties ensure perfect and wear-free guides without short-term errors. Air springelements underneath the base plates safely shield from jolts and vibrations. Separate bases are not required.

Non-ferrous linear and torque motors of the rotary tables ensure ultimate position precisions and path accuracy. Despite the compact design, spacious travel ranges ensure a tangential generating motion towards the base circle for any profile. The control cabinet can be arranged freely.