KNG 12P master

Gear profile grinding machine


  • Highest quality already at lot size 1
  • Wear-free due to optional hydrostatics
  • Wide guides and high drive power
  • Dressable tools and non-dressable KAPP-CBN tools
  • Control panel adjustable in height and angle
  •  Intuitive user interface

tip diameter

workpiece length


face width

helix angle

 1.2501.5450.5 - 351.000±45 / -120

Maachine Concept

The gear profile grinding machine KNG 12P master is perfect for high-precision machining of external and internal gears as well as special profiles. The machine concept stands for the highest workpiece quality from batch size 1.

High thermal stability and rigidity are achieved through an optimised design and matching components. The inherently rigid machine base enables easy installation without anchoring in the hall floor.

The dressing and grinding spindles are equipped with state-of-the-art direct drives.

A strong grinding head allows stroke speeds up to 12,000 mm/min. Thanks to 5-axis interpolation of the involved axes, the productivity advantage of double flank grinding is maintained even with complicated modification requirements on the gear. The double spindle dresser with independent CNC axes and motor spindles offers a powerful solution for the precise dressing and profiling of grinding wheels. The tool spindle is available in two versions. This enables the flexible use of small grinding wheels. A special motor spindle with counter bearing is optimised for the use of small CBN grinding wheels.

Different grinding arms enable the machining of various internal gears. Grinding wheels with a diameter range of 80 - 300 mm can be used. Depending on the requirement, immerse depths in the range of 160 - 360 mm can be achieved. An integrated measuring probe on the grinding arm enables the gear measuring already in the machine.

The reduction of non-productive times is achieved by using fast-clamping systems. Any remaining wobble errors are compensated by means of an innovative software option.

The new functional and ergonomic machine design, paired with the innovative and user-friendly interface KN grind, supports the user during set-up and optimisation of grinding projects.

The machine is operated using touchscreen technology and intuitive user guidance and is supplemented by a KAPP NILES-specific machine control panel.