KNG 350 flex

Gear centre


  • Machining processes generating / profile grinding
  • Dressable corundum and non-dressable CBN tools
  • Grinding spindle with counter bearing for large grinding worms
  • Auxiliary spindle for the use of very small grinding wheels
  • Highest grinding quality and productivity even when using small tools
  • Polishing as single technology
  • Digital support for optimising the set-up process

tip diameter

workpiece length

module range
generating / profile

face width

helix angle

 350 (400)700*0.5 - 8 / 0.5 - 10400±45

*depends on the loading system

Machine concept

The KNG 350 flex is based on a compact, stand-optimised machine concept for use in the prototype area to large-scale production of gears up to 350 mm in diameter. An optional diameter extension is available. Available machining processes are generating and profile grinding, depending on the application with dressable corundum or nondressable CBN tools. A unique selling point is polishing as a single technology, for example to finish gears after shot peening.

The performance-optimised grinding spindle with counter bearings allows cutting speeds of up to 100 m/s and is designed for the use of large grinding worms with widths of up to 200 mm. This allows an efficient realisation, especially when machining of components with large modules and using 2-sector worms for fine grinding or polishing  applications. Auxiliary spindles can be adapted directly on the tool spindle using the new quick-change interface. Due to the use of auxiliary spindles very small grinding wheels with the minimum root circle of the gear to be grind can be applied. The integrated reduction stage enables a cutting speed of up to 50 m/s even with a grinding wheel diameter of 30 mm.

A reduction in set-up times is also achieved through the use of intelligent components (smart tooling). From manual loading, via a simple pallet conveyor, to a comprehensive automation solution, the concept offers full flexibility in loading the components. The functional and ergonomic machine design paired with the innovative user-friendly interface KN grind supports the user during set-up and optimisation of grinding projects.

Process monitoring, part tracing and inline quality assurance are available as an integral component for an industry 4.0 capable processing machine. This gear centre impresses not only with its excellent design (iF Design AWARD), but also with its continuous further development with a view to energy efficiency. The hydraulic functions, which are reduced to a minimum, are covered by a controlled pump unit, and pneumatic functions are largely replaced by electric drives. The consideration of the complete life cycle of the machine shows the entire CO2 equivalent of the machine is reduced by changing the machine bed from cast iron to polymer concrete.